Adobe accused of forcing RAW users to upgrade Photoshop

In the Netherlands Adobe is going to be sued by the NVJ for forcing RAW users to upgrade Adobe Photoshop to the latest version whenever they buy a new camera. Adobe doesn’t support older version of Photoshop with the new RAW upgrades. And therefore forces users to upgrade.

This is an interesting case and I’m very curious about the outcome. However, there are some arguments against this case.

  1. There is other RAW software available like Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Nikon Capture NX and there is even a free Adobe RAW to DNG converter.
  2. The same accusation could be made to camera manufacturers for not using DNG as RAW format. But instead they are using their own RAW files that are specific for every camera that is produced. And thereby producing incompatible cameras and forcing all RAW software developers to update their software every month or so.
  3. You can also choose not to use RAW but go for JPG instead.


Point 3 seems silly but in this case the Photographer claims that he only uses Photoshop in his workflow for speed. If speed is what you need then it seems to me that working in RAW is not the best option. Although I have to admit that with some subjects (e.g. Concert light) you may need to shoot RAW.

Considering these three arguments alone, I believe it’s going to be a difficult case. I’m not betting my money on the NVJ, that’s for sure.