Too much Photoshop, too much colour

Photo journalist Klavs Bo Christensen was disqualified from his country’s version of a picture-of-the-year contest for manipulating an image. Read the article here.

Interesting to see that the judges found the images to be over processed in Photoshop with too much colour.

“Photos submitted to Picture of The Year must be a truthful representation of whatever happened in front of the camera during exposure. You may post-process the images electronically in accordance with good practice. That is cropping, burning, dodging, converting to black and white as well as normal exposure and color correction, which preserves the image’s original expression. The Judges and exhibition committee reserve the right to see the original raw image files, raw tape, negatives and/or slides. In cases of doubt, the photographer can be pulled out of competition”

After reading these rules I noticed that it’s allowed to convert images to black and white. This is actually the biggest colour change one could apply to images. My point? If it’s allowed to remove all colour from an image then it should also be allowed to add colour to an image. If the judges don’t want this kind of image manipulation then they should also disqualify all black and white images.

Imagine that not black and white but colour photography was first invented. Would we then allow images to be altered in such a way that all colour was removed? Just a thought…